Meet the Directors!

Brittany Jordan, Marketing Director

From: Tulsa, OK

I am a junior majoring in Micro/Molecular Biology. Camp Cowboy is more than just a camp to me, it is a once in a lifetime experience where you are able to meet hundreds of incredible people, both on staff and as campers, who all share the same love for Oklahoma State and its traditions. Ever since I became a part of the Cowboy family, it has made me realize even more that I made the absolute right decision when choosing Oklahoma State as my new home. I hope that the tradition of attending Camp Cowboy can be an amazing start in this new chapter in your life as you finally join the Cowboy family with me! As always, Go Pokes!

Lauren Flynn, Registration Director

From: Oklahoma City, OK 

I am a senior studying Health Education and Promotion with an option in Health and Exercise.  I am also working towards a minor in Spanish.  Now, I didn't go to Camp as an incoming freshman and it was a huge mistake!  To me, Camp Cowboy is more than just a three-day experience with 150+ of your incoming classmates.  It is a way for incoming students to learn the traditions of Oklahoma State, talk with upperclassmen about their college experiences, all while creating lasting connections.  

Briah Bennett, Programming Director

From:  Oklahoma City, OK            

I am a junior majoring in Psychology/Pre-Law with a Philosophy minor. Camp Cowboy is a place where I feel I can be one hundred percent myself. I am passionate about Camp Cowboy because it allows new students to experience what makes Oklahoma State so unique.  Camp Cowboy allows friendships to be formed, memories to be made, and for the growth of the Cowboy family. Go Pokes!!!  

Mitchell Reed, Logistics Director

From: Houston, TX

I am a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Petroleum Engineering.  Three years ago now I found myself on the exact website with my parents wondering about the experience I would receive at this camp.  Today, I can only reflect on all the relationships and memories I have that have been established through this program, and I would recommend it to any incoming student.  We seek to create an environment of current students of different backgrounds to exemplify the traditions that make us all proud to be part of the Cowboy family where we all call Stillwater our home!  

Mackenzie Staurvosky, Staffing Director

From: Tulsa, OK

I am a senior majoring in Human Development and Family Science with an option in Early Childhood Education.  I believe that Camp Cowboy provides endless opportunities for experience, personal growth, relationship building, and being welcomed into the Cowboy family.  I can honestly say that Camp Cowboy has bettered my collegiate journey and has encouraged me to take pride in being an Oklahoma State Cowboy.