Meet the Directors!

Tori Denny, Logistics Director

From: Chattanooga, OK

I am a senior majoring in English and minoring in French.  My hometown was a very small rural community, and I was not exposed to lifestyles other than my own until I began my transition from high school to Oklahoma State University.  Camp Cowboy fueled my desire to explore perspectives of people with stories that were very different from my own.  Oklahoma State has a unique and diverse blend of people and Camp Cowboy can jump-start your involvement at this opportunity-filled university!

MacGregor Price, Marketing Director

From: Stillwater, OK 

I am a junior majoring in Finance.  Growing up in Stillwater, I always had a love for Oklahoma State.  Before my freshman year, I wasn't sure if Camp Cowboy was for me.  I decided to take a chance, and it completely changed my collegiate experience.  Camp Cowboy is a place to form new relationships with both campers and staff members, while learning about Oklahoma State's traditions.  Today, I can reflect over all the relationships camp has brought me, and I encourage every incoming student to attend.  By the end of your camp experience, you will truly feel a part of the Cowboy Family!  

Whitney Martin, Programming Director

From: Lawton, OK            

I am a junior majoring in Economics.  From being an incoming freshman who attended Camp Cowboy to becoming a staff member, Camp Cowboy has and continues to make me love Oklahoma State even more.  To me, Camp Cowboy is an opportunity for incoming students to meet new people, make memories, and discover the many great things Oklahoma State has to offer.  Camp Cowboy is a place where being yourself is highly accepted and finding your place within the Cowboy family is encouraged!

Abby Davis, Registration Director

From: Argyle, TX

I am a senior studying Human Development and Family Science with an option in Child and Family Services.  Camp Cowboy serves as a foundation of leadership and success at Oklahoma State and welcomes everyone into the Cowboy Family!  As an incoming freshman, I attended Camp Cowboy and it helped me find my niche at OSU.  I am so excited for you to join the Oklahoma State University Family!

Hadley Apple, Staffing Director

From: Springdale, AR

I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Microbiology planning to attend medical school.  Camp Cowboy has been a big part of my life since my sophomore year and not attending Camp Cowboy as a freshman is one of my biggest regrets.  Working Camp Cowboy has been one of my favorite experiences of college and has led me to some of my closest friends.  Programs like Camp Cowboy make me so incredibly proud to be a member of the Cowboy Family!