Check-In for Camp Cowboy for those attending Orientation Plus will take place at the OSU Student Union Ballroom (Room 265).  Maps of the university can be found at

If you are attending Camp 8 check in will be at the North Commons.

Flight information:

For those of you flying, we ask that you arrive through the Stillwater airport.  A New Student Orientation Leader or Camp Cowboy staff member will be at the airport to meet you and bring you to campus.  We will also be able to transport you back to the Stillwater airport Sunday when Camp Cowboy ends.  Depending on if you are attending a New Student Orientation Orientation Plus program on Thursday and Friday, you will need to schedule your arrival accordingly for arrival with New Student Orientation (405-744-3636) or Camp Cowboy (405-744-0383).  When scheduling the flight out on Sunday, please select the afternoon or evening flight

Once you have booked your flight, please notify us as soon as possible with your flight number, arrival and departure information so we can plan to take you back to the airport. Please contact if you have questions.  

American Airlines has informed us that the times of the flights might be subject to change. If that occurs, please notify us of your new flight information. No matter what changes occur, we will get you to the airport!

If you need to arrive earlier than Thursday afternoon/evening, or depart later than Sunday evening, or need to fly in/out of OKC you still have options. You may catch a cab or Airport Express at between the airport and Stillwater.  For any nights spent in Stillwater that are not scheduled camp nights, you are responsible for your lodging.